It's all about finding the right fit for you!

Our Experience

Telecom Solutions USA will help your business save the time, money and effort that’s normally associated with managing your telecommunication services. Our knowledgeable telecom consultants average over 30 years of industry experience and are equipped to provide you the most comprehensive solutions for your business. Many services we offer and provide are at no cost to our clients, and our telecommunication consulting services have provided our clients 25-65% of monthly savings.

Our Approach

We specialize and focus on customer advocacy and are dedicated to representing our client’s needs. As a ‘carrier-neutral’ telecom consulting company, we provide solutions that are based on the needs of your business and not what’s best for the carrier.  As many carriers move away from any type of dedicated account management, we’re committed to being your single point of contact for all of your telecommunications.

Why Us?

Our knowledge and experience allows us to provide each client a variety of services that are focused on optimizing your company’s efficiency.  We pride ourselves on establishing and maintaining long term relationships with every business we work with and will provide some consistency in your ongoing account management.